About Us

Who we are

United Overseas Co. creative and imposing distribution system made it a leader in the product delivery industry, in Egypt. Thus, It is no exaggeration when it is said that U.O.Co. business is the leader in the market in which it competes .This is a spontaneous result of its market leading strategies and its partnership with the power brand F.M.C.G. companies ,in Egypt , the middle east , and around the world .

Firms, rarely, work alone in bringing value to customers .Instead, most are only a single link in a larger supply chain. Consequently, an individual firm's success depends not only on how well it performs, but also on how well its marketing channel performs. Wise producers use intermediaries; distribution channels, using imaginative distribution systems Just Like Our Company to gain competitive advantage.

Mission, Strategies, and Goals

  • We are an interdependent organization; a distribution channel, involves in the process of making a product available for use or consumption by the consumer.
  • Our prime strategic focus is to provide our partners their targeted level of customer service at the least cost.
  • Our goal is to build strong and profitable relationships with points of sale and, consequently costumers, leading to more customer satisfying sales and services. Beyond simply attracting new costumers and creating transactions, our goal is to retain customer and grow their business with companies.

Why us!!

  • By shifting the distribution to us, your costs and prices will definitely become lower.
  • Co-operating with U.O.Co. Saves companies about 15 % of an average product's price, which are accounted for transport if it is held on its own.
  • People at all levels, including top management, stay close to consumers
  • You do not have to work hard to line up qualified intermediaries, UNITED OVERSEAS is enough.

What do we do?

  • First of all, generally, our services include market forecasting, (re-order) report systems, warehousing, transportation planning, and regular visits to outlets .Besides we provide marketing consultants to evaluate your marketing campaigns.
  • Second, Our Company designs the best marketing mix to each product using factors under its control: the assigned product, its price, place, and promotions offered by the mother company on it. All this is put into action by engaging this mix into the company's marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control.
  • Third, We help companies to look ahead and develop long term strategies to meet the changing conditions in their products and ensure long term survival through the updated surveys our marketing team supply about the product and the changing market.
  • Fourth, We are highly efficient in making goods available to target markets. Our contact, experience, specialization, and scale of operations offer the fortune companies more than it can achieve on its own.
  • Fifth, We excel the art of choosing target markets and building relationships with them. This involves getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.
  • Sixth, We match supply and demand; reducing the amount of work that must be done by both producers and customers. We bridge the major time place and procession gaps that separate goods and services from those who are in need of them.
  • Seventh, We evaluate a company’s strategic business units in terms of Market Growth Rate (M.G.R) and relative growth share
  • Eighth, We present a sizable logistic challenge, providing warehousing that carry bewildering stock in super center stores.
  • Ninth, We are professionals in adapting a product to the factors and forces in the marketing environment.
  • To conclude, We Professionally Get The Right Product To The Right Customer In The Right Place At The Right Time.

Future Target

We are looking forward to building strong economic and social connections by promising and consistently delivering superior value, through redefining relationships and looking at trends towards increasing sales.

Sales can be increased by improving the company’s share of the home market, or by entering new foreign markets, or both. Thus, we are working on developing strategies to support these objectives. We are seeking co-operation with companies that are partnering with other members of the supply chain to improve the performance of the customer-value delivery network in an attempt to improve the performance of their entire system, knowing that competition in today’s market place runs no longer between individual competitors. Rather, it takes place between the entire value delivery networks created by these competitors.

On our part, we are exerting all efforts so that the “Marketing Research and Development Department” continues implementing modern marketing trends to compete more effectively, so as to enhance the company’s market position moving from mid size category to large size corporation.

Concerning Investments, U.O.Co. is re-investing more than 70% of the company’s revenues in expanding sales activities to cover more Egyptian governorates and in salary enhancements among all company organizational structure in order to attract best cadres in the market. U.O.Co. organizes monthly competitions to choose “employee of the month”. Prizes and awards are presented to best employees, who contribute in the company’s success.

Besides, U.O.Co. Will give more focus on exporting fine Egyptian products to more countries all over the world, added to its efforts in satisfying local market customers by presenting new products with reasonable prices.

To conclude, new customer relationship management systems will be implemented to alter the business relations between U.O.Co., its retailers, and wholesalers network by receiving “Moral And Financial Support” when possible to strengthen sales operations.